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Summer 2014 – 2

Extra days to ride trams during the school holidays!

In these beautifully lazy days of summer break, the Sydney Tram Museum provides an experience that is quite different from any in Sydney. It’s a Museum where you can actually ride some of the exhibits.

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An additional feature of the Museum is that every hour sees us take people right into the Royal National Park – some describe it as our Bushland Cruise!

This runs at a quarter past every hour and returns a few minutes later making the return trip just a litle under a half hour. We even have special discounts for bushwalkers who simply want to take some easy transport to the walking track where they can make their own way through bushland to a lookout with spectacular views.

Another line takes you north to the fringes of Sutherland.

During December, we will be running our normal Sunday and Wednesday tram rides. Obviously, we will not be operating on Christmas or Boxing Day. But will be open on the New Year’s Day holiday and as well as the usual Sundays and Wednesdays, and from Monday, 12th January right until the Australia Day holiday, we’re planning to be open on all weekdays as well as Sundays!

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This will be a perfect opportunity for families to take the children on tram rides. Apart from the rides, there is our Display Hall, with our oldest and most interesting trams.

For details of other features and services we provide, please check on our adjacent left hand column. We want you to be able to enjoy your time with us.

Pictured: top, a freshly painted tram takes on board an eager booked group of senior citizens.

Centre: the same group inside the gleaming varnished interior of the popular corridor tram with its comfy cushioned seats!

Opening times: Sundays and the New Years Day holiday – 10.00 until 5.00 p.m.; Wednesdays – 10.00 until 3.00 p.m.