Ride Aussie trams on Australia Day!

Ride Aussie trams on Australia Day!

Australia Day 10 – 5 pm, and Wednesday, 10 – 3 pm

In the grand era of Australian tramways which ran well into the 1950s, all trams in Australia were made locally. Some components, electric motors, for example, were imported but, to a large extent, each state designed their own, to a great extent assisting each other.

New South Wales, until the Great Depression – at least, was seen as ahead of the game.

Celebrate Australia Day aboard genuinely Australian transport!

Brisbane 180 first
A popular early model Brisbane tram, since at its re-appearance after rehabilitation a few years ago, has been busy this month keeping visitors cool!

Grandparents rule. OK?

Do you know that in school holidays, grandparents make the very best tour-guides?

grandparents n kids

Why not let them take the children and regale them about what life was all about as they moved around Sydney by tram when they were at a similar age.

And we’re easy to reach by car or by train.

Our day tickets provide you with unlimited tram rides and Display Hall entry to see our oldest trams.