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Easter was always a special time for trams. To visit the Royal Easter Show, people from much of Sydney, transferred from trains or western suburbs trams at Central to a huge fleet of trams at Eddy Avenue or Railway Square. These were coupled pairs footboard trams and return tickets were sold.


It was a huge operation! Trams from almost all depots south of the harbour were used. Crews from the North Sydney system came over to help. Special lines in some streets of Redfern were used to cater for the vast fleet.

You can re-enact the Easter tram rides. Many grand-parents remember their tram rides to the Show.

In a tram museum, grand- parents often make the best tour guides!

This is the one of the few museums where you can actually ride some of the exhibits. We have at least two trams running per hour and three on Sundays and public holidays. We run in two different directions – one of our rides is into the Royal National Park … one of the world’s longest tram lines in a museum. Our Display Hall holds many interesting older trams, including some from inter-state.