Z 111 – As It First Appeared

The high standard of Melbourne 1970s Z 111 showcases the skills and dedication that are within the Sydney Tramway Museum community.


The Museum was delighted to receive this car – with its good mechanicals and sound electric operation. However thirty years of hard work on the Melbourne system does have an effect on a vehicle’s bodywork and interior and there is always maintenance to be done on the running gear of such a powerful tram.
The Museum’s regular volunteer restorers and maintainers set to work and were augmented by other members who found their skills in demand. Some specialist traffic members brought equipment from home and their expertise to the workshop to speed the process. Our youngest members proved adept learners and acquired a finesse which surprised themselves and delighted their tutors.
Come along to the Museum and enjoy the handiwork of our volunteers this Sunday, 10th September.

The Museum’s most modern tram

The modern features of the ‘Z’ class include very powerful motors which are capable of startling acceleration. Normal braking is by those same powerful motors which become generators as the vehicle slows, using friction brakes as the vehicle comes to a final stop. Track brakes provide rapid emergency braking when required.

Melbourne adopted the tangerine based colour scheme for its new trams to celebrate the modernity of its ‘Z’ cars on their introduction during the 1970s.

Z outshopped sml

Lower picture – Z 111 leaves the depot yard with due ceremony for its dress rehearsal last weekend.

Both photographs: Frank McQuade.