TRAMS AFTER DARK Night Photography Competition Conditions

1. Entries must be of a tram or trams taken at dusk or later taken at the Museum’s “Trams After Dark” event on 23rd June, 2007.

2. Each entry must be accompanied by a competition form which will be obtainable at the event.

3. Up to five entries may be lodged by any one person.

4. Entries may be either by means of traditional or digital photography. Traditional prints must be 10 x 15 cm in size. Digital photographs can be lodged either on CD ROM disks or 3½” 1.4 Mb “floppy” disks. Enhancements by either digital, darkroom or brush techniques are acceptable.

5. The Museum will hold publishing rights to all entries for promotional purposes until 31st December, 2008.

6. Entries must bear no identification of the contestant’s name: museum volunteers (other than the judges) will attach numbers to the entries.

7. Entries must be forwarded to arrive at the Museum’s postal address at PO Box 103 – Sutherland NSW 1499 by Friday, 6th July, 2006. Entries will not be accepted at the Museum itself.

8. The judges’ decision will be final.

9. 1st PRIZE: A collectors’ item, COMENG – A History of Commonwealth Engineering 1921 – 1955 by John Dunn. 2nd prize, a choice of books on transport heritage. Please see below.

10. The result of the competition will be announced on the Museum’s website by Wednesday, 18th July and in Trolley Wire magazine.


1st PRIZE: A collectors’ item, COMENG – A History of Commonwealth Engineering 1921 – 1955 by John Dunn, beautifully illustrated largely by professional photographers on art paper, hard bound. A fascinating read with an unprecedented range of pictures of railway rolling stock, buses and trams.

2nd PRIZE: Rare in Australia, similarly illustrated A Trolleybus to the Punchbowl. Vaued at $70, this is the book for fans of British double deck trolley buses at their height … OR …


Australia’s Last Giants of Steam by David Burke … OR …
Mercy Trains by James and Heaney … OR …
Colonial Engineer – John Whitton and the Building of Australia’s Railways