The tram that came back to… Bondi Beach Public School

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Please note that this page has no links published on the web or in any publication. It has been announced only to senior classes at Bondi Beach Public School and to staff members of the school. It is published for the children of the school and their families for a limited period only.


Heads turned on Bondi’s Campbell Parade late on a Monday morning when a long remembered item appeared on the back of a semi-trailer.

Older locals with long memories stopped in amazement and broke out in huge smiles.

This intact and working member of the largest group of Sydney’s huge fleet of trams was on display in the school playground.


The children at last had a chance to have a really good look at the tram they had seen in a book about their beach!

They were very careful with this 95 year old tram.

Libby Hathorn wrote The Tram to Bondi Beach and she came to the school to greet the tram.



She was as happy as the children!

The play from the book was written.

So many seats were booked, two casts had to be trained to meet the demand.

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