Flashback to our 2014 Vintage Tramway Festival

Bill with F393, Warren & passgrsOur Museum had over twenty volunteers in at the weekend running probably an un-precedented seemingly ten minute service. F393, Bill & WarrenThis was made possible by our track team’s achievement in completing serveral hundred metres newly concreted quality tramtrack and by our having so many of our traffic team in on the one day.

Pictured is our Workshop Manager, Bill Parkinson driving our most delicate tram, the sole survivor of the once 251 strong F class – the first electric eight wheel tramcar in Sydney. He’s joined by regular Traffic Member, Warren Graves and two delighted passengers.

All our trips operated with plenty of happy passengers on board. Tram enthusiasts abounded and even a second hand bookshop did a rollicking trade for the day and stall holder Victor called over several volunteers to help him meet the demand. Profits were for the Museum of course!

The day showcased our oldest trams like that pictured, most of which only run once a year. This is to ensure that future generations can also enoy them. The last Sunday in February marks what some serious tram buffs call Black Sunday, the last weekend of tram operation in Sydney.

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