centenary of 1111

O 1111 boarding

The all volunteer Sydney Tramway Museum warmly welcomes visitors on Wednesdays [10 – 3] and Sundays [10 – 5]. Our all day tickets are excellent value as they offer unlimited tram rides – various trams in different directions – adults $15, seniors $10, school children $8. Pre-schoolers are free! Admission to our Display Hall is included.

Trams operate into the Royal National Park hourly at 15 minutes past the hour and, separately, a shorter joy-ride in the opposite direction.

Pictured above – the final trip for the day on a wonderful Centenary celebration for O class 1111, one of a fleet of over 600 of this type of 80 seater tram. Retired Inspector Col Rhodes is about to give the clearance to start the tram.

Earlier tram types


Trams which had operated prior to the arrival of the the break-though O class trams added interest to the day.

The first bogie type electric tram [those with two swivelling wheel frames, or bogies] were an especially handsome car with open air sections available for smokers.

They first appeared in 1899 and operated in George Street, replacing steam trams on some services.

251 of these trams proved popular.
Photos by Martin Pinches and Greg Sutherland

Railway Band brightened festivities


The atmosphere of the day was much brightened by the music of the Railway Band.