Bondi re-visited

O 1111 arr_at_Campbell_PdeHeads turned on Bondi’s Campbell Parade on a Monday morning when a long remembered icon appeared.

Locals endowed with long memories stopped in amazement and broke out in huge smiles.

Mario of Australian Train movers had brought the hard worked 95 year old veteran of Sydney’s tramtracks home!

This intact and working surviving member of the largest class of Sydney’s huge fleet of trams spent several days under guard in the Bondi Beach Public School playground to support the children’s World Premiere performance of the play based on Libby Hathorn’s book, The Tram to Bondi Beach in print continuously for 25 years. Two casts were required to keep up with demand for seats at a number of performances at the nearby Bondi Pavilion.

Children swarmed around the tram, scarcely able to believe that the tram they had read and rehearsed about was real and in their school. Locals came in to reverently inspect the tram.O 1111 kids mill

Museum volunteers were on hand to tell children about the tram, provide short lessons on the history of the line and how it spurred settlement in their suburb.

And, of course, the Museum staff members all enjoyed the children’s great performances of the play.

Pictured: author of The Tram to Bondi Beach, Libby Hathorn with Maria Hardy, Principal of Bondi Beach Public School, Cr George Newhouse, Mayor of Waverley and J. Andrew Johnstone, Playwright with Geoff Graham of the Sydney Tramway Museum.

The book is on sale at the Sydney Tramway Museum and good bookstores.


Upper two photos courtesy Mr Ray Neeson of Waverley Historical Society.