Upcoming Events

Check back soon – events are always being discussed and planned. For events further out, details may change as the date draws closer.

Sunday 30th July 2017 – 80th Anniversary of the last Kogarah steam trams and the first Kogarah trolleybuses.

On 30th July we celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the closure of the Kogarah steam tramway and the opening of the Trolleybus system. The intention is to have a special day surrounding Trolleybus 19. We want to clean the bus up, perhaps if we have help, install as many seats as we can and have it on outside display.  We then want to use the 1930’s trams (LP 154, N 728, P 1497) to recreate that era.   Being relatively close to Kogarah, we can use local and targeted electronic media to generate patronage. We also would like to fill Tramway Ave with vehicles from the 1920’s and 1930’s. This year is also the 80th birthday of our Leyland 275 and member David Griffith Leyland double decker is the same age, so perhaps we can expand the celebrations. Leyland 275 needs a tidy up, could do with a repaint of the roof as it is some time now that it was painted. However, with everyone’s help, we could make this a real celebration of the late 1930’s transport.   Stay tuned on this one – we might just have a few more announcements to make!  

Saturday 26 August 2017 – Annual General Meeting

Loftus Guide Hall, National Ave, Loftus (behind the Loftus Bushfire Brigade). Come along and here how the Museum is progressing, ask questions and get involved! It might be nice if we could arrange tea and coffee and light refreshments for after the meeting. Does anyone want to take on the role of a caterer?

Saturday, 16 September 2017 – Photographers Afternoon and Evening.

There has been strong demand for a repeat of the successful Photographers Evening held in 2015. Once again, we will be setting up ‘still life’ themes at various parts of the Museum with just a few tramway movements. Themes will include Edwardian Sydney, 1940’s Sydney, Picnic in the Park and either Brisbane or Ballarat in 1960’s. One criticism of the last event is that many of the photo’s lacked people! So this is your chance to dress up and become involved. We will need as many Members and Come in a Tramway Uniform, come in a period costume (you have plenty of time to organise it!) The more people we have on site the better we can cater for photographers. Do you know any groups that dress up? Edwardian, Steam Punk, 1940’s and 1960’s reenactors welcome. Also cars, trucks, buses and other road vehicles that can help recreate history.

Saturday 8 October 2017 – Annual Dinner – venue to be confirmed

Put the date in your diary! Got any idea’s? Can you help plan the dinner and possibly a guest speaker or entertainment? Give me a call!

Sunday, 15 October 2017 – “Back to the ‘50’s” Day

Back to the 1950’s will highlight the later cars in the collection and can include Sydney, Brisbane, Ballarat and San Francisco trams. Trams typical of the late 1940’s and 1950’s will be in service along Tramway Ave filled with 1950’s cars – hopefully, we can source some ‘aero and space race’ inspired U.S. auto designs. We need a Rock & Roll Band, 1950’s cars, Rockabillies, Elvis’ and anything else 1950’s. Inspired? Let’s turn Loftus back to the 1950’s!